From exploding pizzas to smoking cocktails, Zero Km is a dining-and-lounge experience in the heart of the Born that celebrates the Mediterranean life style.


In Zero KM you will find a fresh take on classic Mediterranean dishes:


  • pizza evolves into a light, thin and crispy innovation for sharing and
  • tapas into unique plates with a twist.
  • cocktails into smoking creations made from fresh pressed juices.


True to the Kilometer zero ideology Zero Km offers thoughtfully sourced Spanish and Mediterranean fair featuring seasonal ingredients from farmers, fisherman and ranches near Barcelona (80% of our products are from no more than a 100KM distance)


Don’t be surprised if the volume turns up in the end of the evening and the part starts! Expect strong handcraft drinks and a seductive atmosphere.





Check our Facebook page the lineup of nightly events featuring guest DJ, performances and aperitifs.






Zero KM Carta


ZERO KM is a Dining-and-Lounge Experience that Celebrates the Mediterranean Life Style.


Expect Strong Handcraft Drinks, Fresh pressed Juices and don´t be surprised if the Music turns up in the End of the Evening!



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Zero KM


Carrer es la Ribera 18
08003 Barcelona, Spain


Phone: ‪932 69 31 00
E-Mail: hola@zerokm.es




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